University of Birmingham

The School of Psychology and the Department of Music collaborate in this project to study the combination of prediction and reaction for motion coordination.

The Sensory Motor Neuroscience lab in the Schoool of Psychology performs interdisciplinary research into the sensory and motor systems of the human brain. Research takes place in both naturalistic and constrained settings, with synthesized environments (virtual reality) to examine the roles of different sensory cues in integrated perception and action. As many everyday tasks require cooperative actions between people, the lab studies interpersonal collaboration in tasks including handing over objects between people, walking and talking together in a corridor, and playing in a musical ensemble.

The Department of Music’s worldleading research spans traditional musicology, electronic music and music technology, electroacoustic composition, and the cognitive neuroscience of music. The £16m Bramall Music building in UOB’s new Green Heart campus houses the concert sound system of the Birmingham Electro Acoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST) which is a catalyst for creation and innovation in the field.

Max Di Luca

Alan Wing

Maria Witek

Min Li

Katrina Galsworthy