Min Susan Li

Min Susan Li

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

University of Birmingham

My research interest is the computational understanding of expectations and predictions, with a focus on processing spatiotemporal properties of multisensory stimuli. With psychophysical approach and Bayesian modeling, my work investigates how the human brain perceives time and space for sensory estimates and action. I graduated from University of Kent with a BSc Hons in Psychology and took a Research Masters degree at the University of Birmingham, where I completed my PhD with Prof. Alan Wing and Dr. Max Di Luca in 2018. I then joined Prof. Lars Muckli’s lab at the University of Glasgow as a postdoctoral researcher to use high-field fMRI to investigate how predictive information and illusory perception are represented in the visual system, in particular the feedforward and feedback connectivity of numerosity perception. I recently returned to Birmingham to the Aging Touch project, where we use behavioural measures and brain-imaging to investigate how multisensory signals about surface textures are processed and perceived by young and elderly participants.

  • Multisensory perception
  • Computational modeling
  • Mixed Reality
  • Brain imaging
  • Interpersonal synchronization