First recording session

At the BCU media labs, with our partners Semantic audio and Partplay, we recently recorded the musicians of the Coull quartet performing numerous pieces from Haydn and Beethoven.

The Coulls playing

We asked the Coulls to play the parts multiple times in different styles (also in trios and duos formations).

Depth camera

We used several technologies like multiple tracks microphones, field microphones, contact microphones, optical markers, video cameras, LIDARs, and a 360 camera.

Depth camera

It has been an inspiring and busy week. We ended up learning, getting terabytes of data, but most of all… it has been lots of fun!

Group picture

We are grateful to everybody who contributed to the wonderful experience, and we are looking forward to scientific results and even more recordings.

Max Di Luca
Max Di Luca
Associate Professor

Max Di Luca is the lead PI of the project. He is Associate Professor at the University of Birmingham (UK) in the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics.