Marek Sinason Memorial Fund award

We are pleased to have offered the Marek Sinason Memorial Fund award for the summer 2021 to Katrina Galsworthy. She earned the BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences in Birmingham, for which she majored in Psychology, and continued to the MSc in Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics.

The fund provides an award of £250 to reward excellence in final year UK undergraduate or Masters students in psychology and/or music. The fund was set up in memory of Marek Sinason (1971-2018) who completed his PhD “The Cognitive Context of Sensorimotor Synchronisation” at The University of Birmingham . Marek was deeply interested in the philosophy and psychology of time and he contributed greatly to the ethos of the Sensory Motor Neurosceince (SyMoN) lab.

Katrina Galsworthy is currently working as a Research Assistant in the SymonLab and the fund will allow her to participate to initial data collection on the ARME project. She will be preparing a paper which we plan to submit for publication in the Autumn, as she hopes to do a Psychology PhD in the near future. She says: “I am grateful for the opportunity that the Marek Sinason Memorial Fund offers me and, through this work, I hope to honour Marek’s memory.”