Adaptive Metronome

aBirmingham City University, Sound and Music Analysis (SoMA) Group, Birmingham, UK
bUniversity of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK cUniversity of Warwick, Warwick, UK

What is it?

The EPSRC-funded ARME project is proud to release a plug-in designed to simulate the harmonious synchronisation of musicians within a violin quartet playing a piece by Haydn. Such tool gives the ability to observe and analyse event times recorded during simulated ensemble performance. Virtual musicians perform their notes using a linear phase correction model, meticulously adjusting their timing to maintain a harmonious collective. The plug-in supports the configuration of the quartet's composition, accommodating any combination of virtual and human players Key to the virtual musicians' performances is the understanding of music cohesion which is reflected in various control parameters that empower the user to tailor their experience.

Operating the Adaptive Metronome


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